Our Eco Policy

We are nature and outdoor lovers at Ravensby Firewood and are lucky enough to spend vast amounts of time outdoors in the countryside. 

We have written a wee blog about what we do to try and limit our carbon footprint and how we try to give a little back to the environment. 

We are just a wee business and the below measures might not be life changing but we try our best to do our part. 


Our wood is sourced from sustainably maintained forests where trees are harvested as part of their natural life cycle. Occasionally our supplier will provide us wood claimed from storm damaged areas. On many occasions these areas are also replanted by the land owner. 


The kiln is fuelled by the waste product from the logs chopped for firewood. The woodchip is dried and then fired into the kiln to provide the dense heat which dries your firewood to less than 20% moisture levels. It is a pretty smart way of working and very environmentally conscious! 



As well as sourcing our wood from sustainably forested well maintained and regulated forests we also commit to planting a tree for every order received as an added wee extra. We have partnered with Ecologi who take care of this for us by planting trees in the UK and the rest of the world too.  What's more, we have not added the cost of this to our products, we pay for this at our end!


We purchase as many of our products as we possibly can from eco-friendly sources and use recycled paper, card, plastics where at all possible. We re use pallets wherever we can. We cannot cost effictively have the pallets returned to us from our customers unfortunatley so we actively encourage you all to resuse them. Use them to build a log store or deconstruct for small joinery products or give away to others who require them if they are surplus to your requirements. 

*we will shortly be making indoor log storage from reclaimed pallets! 


We try to limit our stock runs to essential trips only. We use a freight supplier to efficiently pool together numerous orders into singular trucks to deliver our firewood the length and breadth of Scotland in a fluent and efficient manner. Our local deliveries are combined into zones to try and limit uneccessary travel too. 

Did you know firewood is classed as a carbon neutral fuel?! 


On top of the above we do many other wee things to assist the eco system at our home and workspaces. We  From multiple feeders and bird boxes to bee houses and insect hotels we are forever thinking of new ideas to add to our farmyard and encourage growth and prosperity for all the many critters and creatures we are lucky enough to live amongst. 

Thanks for reading!