A painted image of the Scottish Forest & Lumberjacking With Stacked FIrewood

From Forest Floor To Your Front Door...

Our firewood is sourced from Forestry Commission regulated woodland. Our manufacturer sources the wood locally wherever possible. On occasion, in periods of shortfall, some wood may be imported with Scottish wood going in the other direction to create paper.  We are a Forestry Commission Professional Operator to ensure we meet stringent criteria for sourcing our logs.

The 3m lengths of cut trees are stored in a massive seasoning arena which allows the wood to begin to air dry and naturally season. Allowing the wood to dry naturally results in less time in the kiln and lowers the carbon footprint of the Firewood even further! 

This is where things get all kinda funky with all sorts of cool machinery! Funky cool machinery you wouldn't want the sleeve of your jumper to catch in right enough! 

Big grabbers like you get at Pleasureland whip the trunks off the woodpile and onto a large rotator which then saw the logs down to manageable sizes. The wood is then put through a heavy duty pneumatic axe which splits the Firewood into industry standard 10" sizes.

The wood is then graded as best they can be. It is important to note here that Firewood Production is not a science, we are bound by the sizes of logs that are provided to us, this has a direct impact on the girth of logs in your deliveries.  We do our utmost to ensure you receive nice chunky logs that do not need attention, but like most merchants, we cannot guarantee you won't find some monsters and tiddlers in your delivery.  It is nature of the beast and unavoidable. 

They logs are then loaded into tattie crates before being placed en-masse into the gigantic kiln (soon to be TWO gigantic kilns!).

The kiln is fired and run from the woodchip created from the logs which haven't made the grade for resale resulting in a self sufficient drying process. Where as others use oil and gas this huge kiln is run from waste product! 
The wood is then left in the huge kiln where it is dried  and tested to ensure it is less than 20% moisture level to meet all Government and Ready to Burn guidelines. We are monitored and regulated by the Government through the WOODSURE scheme.

The kiln-dried firewood is then packed into easy to carry nets or stored loose ready for packing into our Giant 2m3 Nets or trailer.

Regardless of the packaging or whether it is Larch or Hardwood you order, our firewood is all manufactured to the same "Ready To Burn" standard. 

Ravensby Firewood are one of very few companies utilising the 2m3 Giant Net stacks to ensure you get a vast volume of firewood delivered at a cost effective price.  A 2m3 Giant Net holds the equivalent volume of wood as around 3 bulk bags! 

The exciting part! Getting our logs to your door!

We deliver products to the local area via truck and trailer. Our 2m3 Giant Nets are delivered the length and breadth of Scotland and the Isle of Skye via freight delivery company.  
We simply love that we are providing a service to help keep your family and your home nice and cosy!

What is better than being cuddled up in front of a roaring fire of a chilly evening?!? 
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Hello. I am just about to order logs from you. Can I ask which is the best way of ordering them such ondelivery I can unpack and store them with ease. I have a drive and am wanting to stack them in front of the garage. Many thanks Sally

Sally Bremner

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